Fallon is learning to sew

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So yesterday was my daughter Fallon’s 7th birthday and she decided she wanted a sewing machine for her birthday. Of corse being an avid sewer myself I said yes! So I was going to order her a sewing machine, but instead she said she wanted one of mine. I gave her one that is just the basics and very easy to use. We are going fabric and supply shopping for her tomorrow. Within the one day that I spent with her teaching her to sew she has learned just about everything! She is such a natural that she was lining up, pinning, and sewing the perfect seam allowances all in one day. She knows how to keep the fabric straight and keep a even sewing speed. I am so very proud of her! She made her own pincushion all by herself, and is making something for her teacher at school. She said she wants to make a thousand things for everyone she loves and is very proud of herself. I love that I now have someone to sew with! I will be setting her up her own kid sized sewing table and chair set right next to mine in my sewing studio.  And will post pictures when it is all done. Until then here are a few pictures for you to view.


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Married mom to four kids and two dogs. I love sewing, and quilting, among other things:)
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2 Responses to Fallon is learning to sew

  1. candy56Candy says:

    My granddaughter is eight and she’s been sewing for about a year. She’s working on her first quilt after making lots of pillows and a small wall hanging. She has her own machine set up by mine in my sewing room. She has her own ever-growing stash also. Like we need more fabric in our house!!! But, then, do we ever have enough? It’s so good to see the young ones have an interest in sewing and quilting. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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